Lynette Power has designed and sculpted the dramatic model of a heron that is seven feet tall. Her smaller renditions of herons were studies for the larger version River Spirit.

This sculpture was the prototype for a very successful fundraising event in 2007 sponsored by the city of Winona, MN and its local businesses. The Blue Heron Project raised $44,000 dollars for the Cities Fine Arts Commission. Fifteen of the great birds were cast in resin for local artists to paint. They were displayed throughout Winona for the summer and auctioned off in the fall.

The remaining 35 sculptures in the edition are the property of Lynette Power and the sculpture in the picture with Lynette is a bronze version of the 7 foot tall heron. They have been on display at several art shows and are available for your collection. The two smaller limited edition bronze herons, 36 and 35 inches tall respectively, are also available for your collection.